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Q: How does the Auto Uploader work?

A: It works by downloading torrents from a selected tracker of your choice (or FTP or other source), and then uploading them to your own (or another) tracker without your interaction needed. Things like description and NFO are included in the new upload. You have two options, semi automatic or fully automatic. The first works with a plugin for Firefox. After install you can right-click any torrent on your selected download trackers and choose where to upload it from the menu. The second option is a filter where you can put in keywords and filter categories and enjoy a completely fully automatic download and upload to your tracker. The torrents are downloaded to a first rtorrent and then created and set to seeding from a second rtorrent. These can work from different IP addresses. The torrents are later deleted from each rtorrent individually either on your interaction or by automatically reaching the ratio you have set them to be deleted at.

Q: What does Tuper mean?

A: It is short for Torrent Auto Uploader

Q: Why don't you display the exact prices for an install?

A: Because each install is unique. Each tracker has a slightly different code. Each user needs the uploader to add something different, some need movie posters, others music genre. Some upload trackers require screenshots, others mediainfo, others rarextract. You see where it's going... Each function takes time to implement and test. So due to the diversity it is extremely hard to give an exact price for an install without first examine what the user needs the auto uploader to do more exactly. That is why we have developed the tuper audit system.

Q: What is a "Tuper audit"?

A: If you make this order we will make an audit to determine how much your tuper install, function or modification would cost depending on your requirements. If you decide to order the install, function or custom modification the 5 € fee for the audit will be deducted from the final cost. After you ordered and paid for the audit we will contact you using the email you used when you registered your account with tup4u so that you can give us a more detailed description of what it is you need us to do. Regarding tuper install: After we check the requirements and websites involved we put your install in one of three categories. Easy, Medium or Difficult, and give you a price estimate based on that. You can then decide if you would like to continue and make the order for tuper setup and a server if needed, or you can decline and no further charges will be made.

Q: What are the requirements for installing tuper?

A: Clean install of Debian on a decent dedicated server. With full root access.

Q: What do I get as a client of Tuper4u with no extra cost?

A: Access to the Tup4u Client Area, Knowledge base, Blog and Support forum.

Q: What payment gateways do you accept?

A: We accept automatic payments with Stripe. Stripe is a way to pay directly with your card online. No hidden fee's, nor an account has to be made to pay with your card using Stripe. If you can't pay by Stripe contact support and they will provide you with alternative gateway options. We can accept payments in bitcoin and with Skrill if needed, but may charge a handling fee for manual payments.

Q: Who is Janhouse?

A: Janhouse is a great coder and person in general who invented and created the torrent auto uploader. He has been working actively on the tuper project for years but have now gone on to bigger better projects out there in the wide world. His tuper script and the annoucement server is still very much active and working and used on hundreds of servers out there. Now that he is busy with life and careers we here at Tup4u are continuing to serve clients with auto uploader related installs and custom functions. Here are some links to Janhouse projects and sites: https://www.janhouse.lv/ https://twitter.com/janamaja/ https://github.com/janhouse/

Q: Who is Tup4u?

A: We are a small group of people with extensive tuper experience. We have been working with Janhouse for the last 5 years on tuper projects, updates and installs and can in theory make the auto uploader do anything you may need it to do. Welcome to get to know us by signing up for one of our products!

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